Communities Helping Americans Mature, Progress and Succeed is a school

based program committed to being a part of America’s solution, not

America’s problems.


C.H.A.M.P.S. provides activities and educational information on anti-

bullying, teen suicide, the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs.


CHAMPS Mission Statement

To channel the reckless vigor of youth into proven, respectable and worthwhile human endeavors likely to carry them through those treacherous tempests typical of adolescence and into the safe harbor of confident, mature, successful adulthood ready to either stand tall as a wholesome example or stoop low enough to help the youngest of children.  


“The most effective way to keep America’s youth drug-free is to prevent them from getting involved with drugs in the first place.  Focusing on community-based prevention strategies is an important step in creating and maintaining successful prevention efforts.”


                                                                 – CDC